Thursday, May 20, 2010

Real Food

We are working from home as our business has increased so much in the last 6 months, the offices in the city are full on certain days. I am thrilled we can work from home, and can log in and manage our network right across the country.  Here's to technology!

Today I had lunch with my Babes.

I cooked an omelette, with grated low fat Colby cheese, instead of fresh tomato I used diced peeled tomatoes, hopefully avoiding any 'gagging' if the skin became an issue. I used Sea Salt AND a naughty treat........


Just a couple of drops sprinkled on the top of your eggs, whichever way you like them, is an aromatic and divine addition. If you are a foodie like me, it adds a little sophistication to an otherwise bland existence at present.

Knowing I could not have mushrooms in the omelette unless I had cooked them all down and blended them, the Truffle Oil just made it divine.......delicious. You could also use a soft Feta cheese if you wish, but I am choosing low fat cheeses.

I did not omit the yolk from the eggs as I need the protein right now, and I could only manage a tiny portion, so Chris had the rest. It is amazing to really hear your body say ENOUGH!

Make sure you really listen, sync your Band and your body, over your thoughts, patterns and habits. I know some of us struggle with that, but when it's aligned, the Band really lets you know when to put the cutlery down and stop eating.


I am researching some recipes I have, that will accommodate my band requirements, and will be cooking them over the next few weeks or so.

I'll be sure to take some pics and post the recipes here.


  1. I can work from home to sometimes and it's the best. Thanks for idea about truffle oil.

  2. Wish I could work from home...I'd never get out of the jammies.

  3. LOL. The temptation is to stay in Jammies, but you'd never know if someone dropped in, and meetings are just not taken seriously if you are in Jammies. :-)