Saturday, May 22, 2010


Oats for brekky, Optifast shake for lunch.....but

Saturday night would often consist of Pizza, Fish and Chips, Asian or we'd be out to a restaurant etc. I miss the pig out sessions that a weekend would bring, but don't miss the hunger pains.

Tonight I was treated to a Vietnamese meal from our local restaurant, which was unbelievably delicious!

If the band does one thing, it makes you appreciate food, because you have smaller portions and you need to be aware of slowing down and chewing thoroughly.

I had Clay Pot fish - Salmon cooked slowly in a claypot, and served quite moist with an aromatic XO type sauce. I only ate 1 and a half small portions.

Vegetables with Beancurd-Lemongrass, Chilli and Ginger - again only a few tablespoons.

Beef Noodle soup - Light, but aromatic clear beef soup with very soft flat noodles, spring onion etc.

I ate very small portions of each of these dishes, and ate until I felt the 'Satiety' so often mentioned.

Even though in portion size, my meal was small, I was actually thankful for the ability to be able to eat some of my favourite foods.

My 'movements' are only every 2 days or so, which can be annoying, but I'll work on that another time. I have metamucil here at home, but am trying to give my body a chance to sort itself out before I turn to the big guns.

My Family have been phoning to see how I am going with everything. I think they thought I may have struggled more than I have, but I know my Mum thinks I am brave, and that's all that counts.
I have a fat friend who used the word 'Cop out' about my surgery the other day, and all I could do was laugh. I didn't retaliate, but merely saw that she views my ability to effectively manage my weight loss as a threat to her. ( God only know why)
I have been big as long as I have known her. She was thin then, and is fatter than me at present. She tells me she can achieve weight loss with yet another diet ( weight watchers). She is younger than I, and I guess at that age I may still have had another go at other methods, but I would never have 'dissed' what others were trying.

It amazes me that with worldwide obesity at all time highs, why you would be dismissive of a procedure that clearly has profound worldwide success.

In my weird old brain, I tend to think that smokers have patches to help with their addiction, and we fatties have the Lapband!

Peace & Love to all :)))))))))



  1. Preband and currently on the liquid diet phase I agree, I enjoy ANY food I eat right now so much more. A few bites is really all it takes to enjoy.

    Shame on your friend for calling WLS a "copout." It was good of you to take the higher road. I like to think when people make comments along those lines, it is just because they are not educated about the lapband. I bet in about six months she will be asking you questions about the procedure. :)
    Surgery Date: May 25

  2. Ignorance and perhaps jealousy play a part Janice. When traditional patterns in your life drastically change, it seems to sort your allies out doesn't it?

  3. You are a better person than I. If one of my friends said that my surgery was a cop out, I think I'd tear her a new one. If she apologized, MAYBE we could still be friends.