Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beginning of week 4


Updates on nearly everything, LOL.

My incision wound on the side is healing well now. I was a bit disturbed that it did not seem to want to bind together & heal properly, but it's travelling really great.

I am eating solids without any trouble. I still feel restricted, but not as much as the first few weeks obviously. Today I ate a bowl of oats with honey for Brekky,
a small bowl of Shin Ramyun, OMG I love these, so very hot & spicy & filling. Low in nutrition but simply HAD to have a bowl.  It was a cold day here, and they warm my soul...... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shin_Ramyun

Tonight for dinner was a few slices of marinated Roast Lamb, 2 small pieces of roast potato ( yes, you know it, they had trufffle salt on them), 1 piece of sweet potato, and cauliflower au gratin, so very delicious!
I've got to say, I still appreciate food a lot more, and take care to plan our meals a lot more than I ever did before the band.

I don't seem to suffer with any pain at all now, no shoulder tip pain for well over 2 weeks, not uncomfortable really, but I am wondering how much this is going to change after the 8th June (1st appt at Surgery post band)
I am a little nervous about the 1st fill, but more that I have adjusted to a lower sized portion, and have to wonder how small the portions will get!

No Gas. Well Ok, just a little toot here and there, but nothing that causes discomfort.
Unless you are in the room with me.....LMAO

I haven't had an Optifast shake now for a few days, and.....I haven't really wanted one either.

Hope you're all going really well, loving your Blogs!



  1. Great progress! Everyone is worried about their first fill..so natural but it its pretty painless, quick and easy. You will do well!

  2. You're doing great, your meals sound ideal too. Good luck for the 8th, I have my second fill on the same day!

  3. I'm glad things are going well. Sounds like you are having a great week 4.

  4. What can I say, sounds like you are doing really well. I was also scared of my first fill and so supprised when it was finished because there really was nothing to worry about.

    Good luck and hope you have another great week.