Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's been a while

I have been a world away (literally) from posting.
I've battled and think for now, won, my fight with Labrynithitis. Took my daughter and partner on a trip to Europe for 3 weeks, and moved house.

My weightloss has been massively interrupted, and I feel like I have to begin from scratch!

I had one of the surgeons let the band out for Europe, and thank God she did, the food on one leg of the trip (Trafalgar Tours) was revolting. Lots of cheap nasty foods, even though it was supposed to be a first class tour. Breads, really dry and horrible meat, rice, pasta's. Not great for a bandit.

We ate where we could away from the tour, and less restriction meant I wasn't sick at all. Not good for weight loss either.

Still unpacking boxes, but going to make an appointment to get my band refilled, and get this party started again.

Hurdles are part of life, and they certainly happen frequently with the lapband, but the most important thing is to never give up.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Winter of content

I am home from our beautiful warm holiday in Australia's Far North Queensland.
Loved the respite from the 3 degree Cold Melbourne mornings, and as predicted, with not much restriction, I ate!

Many thanks to the beautiful Bandits here that advised me to wait till after the holiday for a fill, I managed only one blockage due to my pathetic attempt at a Tandoori chicken salad....one bite and I was headed for the ladies to unblock the damage. Chicken breast is soooo out for me.

Well, I ate all the wrong things, chocolate, potato chips, alcohol, oh my, but I ate minimally the bad things and ate lots of fresh foods. The result of no action was a half a kilo weight gain....I couldn't believe it! I really thought I would have put on at least 3-4 kilos. I am happy that I am not really beginning again to remove too much weight.

Because of the Labyrinthitis ( still hoping not Menieres), I couldn't Scuba dive, Jet Ski, or do things other than swim a little and walk. Which was a little annoying, but made sure my Partner and daughter went off and had a ball doing lots of these activities. I generally bludged, read books, had Nanna naps, and sunbaked, boring but restful. I was in Seafood heaven though, we ate out most nights, and the foods were fresh and plentiful.

We returned on Sunday, and I had my first appt with the surgery's nutritionist, for a consultation and a fill. She seemed nice, not much discussed that I didn't already know, and asked her to use a bigger needle for the fill, as the last one saw my Surgeon not finding the port easily, and had to get a bigger needle. So I just thought to save being 'pricked' twice, I'd ask her to just use the longer needle. She added 0.5ml to the band, and yesterday and today I was on fluids, although I had a thick soup for dinner tonight, and it went down fine.

I feel confident to use the elliptical in a week or so's time, now that the effect of the Labyrinthitis is wearing off, so I should notice the weight loss gain some real momentum. There has been some challenges on this journey, but I know this is just part of life to throw a little extra at me, but I'll take it on the chin and just keep rolling on toward a healthier me :-))))))))))

Now back to reading your blogs.............

Thanks Guys!

Friday, June 25, 2010


Packing our suitcases ready to head North into warm sunshine.
I must be reincarnated from a Northern Hemisphere being, I am hating the cold, wet & dreary weather here in Melbourne, and want the Sunshine, the beaches, and my bathers!

Port Douglas is such a beautiful spot, lot's of beaches, and there's not much concrete, and no Casinos or loud cars! Tropical trees ....& me!
It's permanent population is around 3000, it's small. But people fly in from all over the world to stay, it's just so pretty and laid back. I believe loads of celebs stay there, but it's so remote and laid back, no one hassles them

Looking forward to just relaxing, walking on the beach, swimming galore, and diving ( well, I can't dive with my guys, so I'll snorkel around the Great Barrier Reef ).

I lost a stack of weight last time I was there, I don't know why but this place soothes my soul......

This pic of my daughter Paige and I was taken there last year, I drop kilos when I there, so happy :)


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hospital emergency

My posts stopped as I was admitted to hospital last Wednesday, after losing my balance, and ultimately being unable to walk, and enormous waves of nausea. Chris was on the way home from work when he called as he often does. He said I sounded unwell, and I was. I told him I nearly fell over outside, and had to hang onto shelving in our garage to stop from keeling over.
He raced home and took me straight to the emergency room of a private hospital nearby. He got a wheelchair as I could not walk, the world was spinning 100 miles an hour, and I kept my eyes closed to avoid throwing up.

I was admitted that night, with suspicion of having a stroke, so the Doctors did a CT scan, and thank God I was not having a stroke.
They gave me fluids, and a few needles, and I stayed in hospital until the next day.

I have never felt so sick in my life. The diagnosis was that I had Labyrinthitis, or possibly Menieres disease, the Doctor was not able to give a conclusive diagnosis. So I have to wait and see if I have another attack before they proceed with any further tests.

A bit of a setback, but I'll just deal with this and move forward with the weight loss. My health is so important to me, so I hope this was just a random event.

I have lost 10.5 kgs (22 pounds?) since 10th May, which is not bad considering the setbacks, so I am still so very happy with that figure.

I have a dilemma in that I have another appointment due this Wed at Paul O'Briens rooms, and possibly a fill. I know it would be great to have another fill, but I fly 4 hours north to tropical Port Douglas this Saturday for a holiday with Chris, Paige and my Mum. The band was uncomfortable after flying a few days after the first fill, so I will discuss the best options with the clinic. I am torn between having a fill and moving back into restriction, or waiting until I return from my holiday 2 weeks from Saturday.
Decisions, decisions.......I don't know what the best way to tackle this is, if anyone has been in this situation and can offer advice, I would sure appreciate it.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Slip Sliding away....

Just finished a Loooong weekend here, and well, quite frankly I f*^%ed up badly with my food choices.
I got my head in a 'woe is me' zone, you know how it goes, and well, I stuffed down a mozza of crap.

Poisons of choice:
Chocolate coated Ice cream
Bloody expensive French Gooey cheeses- with water crackers. These have always been my weakness.
Red Wine
Salt and Vinegar chips ( crisps)

No exercise either, just laid on my fat arse on the couch, with a little housework thrown in for good measure.

What the hell came over me?

I have spent my life 'fighting the beast', and I just caved, just like that.

My daughter was really pissed off at me, ( she is a food Nazi), and shot me looks of contempt at any given opportunity.
I am not repeating this weekend of sloth in a hurry, I am sure the scales will kick my arse in another few days.
I am punishing myself with furiously running around, and will punish my arse on the elliptical after dinner tonight.

I wish I could keep my shit together to make sure I get this right, I know we all slip at some time, but I was just so fricken disappointed in myself.
I made the time to read some other blogs, and this has helped me refocus, and re energised my positive thinking.
Thank you for posting Guys, no matter whether positive or negative, you all get my head back in the zone!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Settling down

Greetings from a freezing cold, and very wet Melbourne, Australia.

Well, the band has given me some warnings lately, as intended.

It says slow down.
It says chew your food properly, and boy it gives you a fright when you forget to do that.
It says small, small bites.

It says all these things, and you'd think that even though with all the reading, and advice you'd still get it, then it gives you a little kick to remind you that it demands more of your attention.

No , I haven't been sick, just feel the limits very easily, and it just never ceases to amaze the heck out of me.
The sensations when you can feel tiny amounts foods passing through the band, and sitting on it and not really moving, yeah, that's always fun isn't it Guys? LOL!

I have lost another 2 kgs, (4 lbs) which brings my total weight loss around 8 kgs ( 17.6lbs?) I am feeling really good, and have only just started working out on my new elliptical trainer. I am so UNFIT!!!!!!!

My incisions have finally knitted!!!!!!! I can now give my body a light flogging with exercise!!!!

I have not taken any profile pics, when I read other Blogs that have the timeline photos, it inspires the heck out of me! They motivate me, and give cause to hope that I will be successful on this journey. I will post some embarrassing profile pics in the near future.

Hope you are all travelling well, and those that are recently banded, welcome to a wonderful new world!


Friday, June 4, 2010

Greetings from Tasmania!

Hi everyone,

Well, my first business trip since banded, and it's been OK.

I packed Optifast shakes, sachets of Oats, some sachets of energy drinks, and some spicy noodles.
Day 1, we were flying in late, and Hobart is a beautiful quiet town that doesn't have late night eateries open, well, not the type I needed. So we landed, and heated up some noodles and settled in for the night.

We have a stunning apartment overlooking the wharves, and it's also so handy for everything we need to do whilst we are here. Travelling and having your own fully equipped kitchen makes life a little easier too.

I have been 'naughty', and I don't mind that I have either. A few pieces of chocolate and a couple of glasses of Pinot have seemed entirely civilised, I really needed that freedom! Albeit but for a moment. Foodwise I have had Moroccan Lamb tagine, and also Vegetarian Lasagne which I chewed like hell to make sure there was no repeats of the other night. Everything is starting to settle again. I am amazed at how little I can actually fit now after my first fill, It really takes very little meals to fill me up now.

It is Day 3, Friday night here, and we are heading out for dinner to one of the stunning Seafood restaurants, I am looking forward to a romantic night out with Chris. Our daughter is back in Melbourne with my lovely Sister who cares for her when we are travelling. We love her dearly, but we savour the moments we can spend together alone as well.

I have been walking, although the wound that has been giving me trouble is weeping like crazy again ( sorry if you're eating + reading this), so I took it easy this afternoon.

We head out to the beautiful Salamanca Markets in the morning, so I bade you all farewell, and hope you all have a great rest of the week!