Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Is there a standard?

I was not placed on a Optifast diet leading up to surgery, and yet I know fellow bandsters that had to. I was told that it reduced the liver, but we have some of Australia's foremost Surgeons that work for our company say that the liver is so easily bypassed in the operation, and discount what my Surgeon has told others to do. Nevertheless, I did what my surgeon told me to do.

I also did not need to wear compression sock after surgery afterwards, as a friend who was banded last year had to ( even though she took them off when not supposed to).

I understand everyone is different, but was just curious if anyone else did not have to diet before surgery?

Delving into fellow Bandster's blogs, I am inspired, and yet also amazed at how everyone's journey began.

I have been wanting to be banded for around 7 years. Finances, and circumstances dictated why I did not have a band earlier than now. I also tried appetite suppressants, Reductil, and had lost 18 kgs with this medication. The absolute catalyst for making the Surgery a priority was the removal of Reductil from Australia's TGA, citing unacceptable health risks (Stroke, heart attacks etc). I was feeling incredibly pumped and driven everyday, at losing that weight, and knew I was on the right track mentally to keep going when the suppressant was removed.

I made the Call to Prof. O'Briens rooms the next day.

Knowing I was going to put all the weight back on, and that soon enough the cravings would return, and they did!
I put on 20 kilograms between the time I was off the suppressants and the time of the Surgery, and I felt that the Band was going to save me from spiralling into a life of even worse obesity.

My sister whom I love dearly, 10 years older than me, and is HUGE.
I felt I was looking into my future, and I did not want to ever be that big. She cites a date for beginning a diet every time the family gets together, and has never followed through or even really begun. I worry for her, she is so much bigger than my starting weight. I know she thinks this is "drastic" and also "the easy way out", but I don't care, I just know this is effective.

I was diagnosed with Chronic Hypertension 8 years ago, my BP was 220/180, I was told my eyes should have popped out of my head with the pressure. I always felt stressed and sick, and was medicated for the condition. Not a great time in my life. Feeling fit, and looking Fab is also a great incentive, but the health aspect is what drives me.

My banded life is so fresh and new, I am still yet to face the many challenges that my fellow Bandits have endured, and most overcame. I am in awe of the journeys taken by others, and am excited at my own prospects for significant weight loss and a return to enjoying things in life, rather than saying I can't do it, or feeling ashamed.


  1. You can do it... This surgery is not the easy way out... It takes a lot of work, patients and giving up on some foods that you love. I think when people like your sister are over weight themselves and think you are cheating it is because they are so lost in their own journey.. Hard to explain.. ANyone that I has had a problem with this surgery is usually overweight themselves.. I am so happy I got my band. I love love love it.. Awesome post..

  2. No pre-op diet here either (my Doc says anyone who can't do this surgery because of a fatty liver can't be a good surgeon)...the pre-op class lady suggested going low fat/low sugar the week before, but nothing mandated.

  3. You're doing the right thing. My health was the reason for getting the band and losing the weight, especially my BP. I look at my older sister too and see me and she was just diagnosed with diabetes. I already had high liver enzymes from a fatty liver so it actually helped get rid of some of that fat on the 2 weeks of optifast. I was glad I did it as it also brought down my blood sugar quickly. Take heart in all of our support. We are here when you need us.

  4. My pre-op is a low carb/low cal diet 2 weeks prior to surgery. 24 hours prior clear liquids. I love how you have your profile pictures set up to change. Do you mind sharing how you did that? Hopefully you know we're all a bunch of copy cats around hear, which can be a good and bad thing.

  5. Thanks Sandy Lee. It's great to get such awesome support from everyone. Finding you all on here has been the best thing.