Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 6 Couch dwelling

Sleep, sleep and more sleep.
I struggled sleeping last night, and made up for it by sleeping until after noon. I really wanted to watch my daughter play soccer, but a lack of toilet facilities at the venue made my mind up.

Drank a little too much fluids today, my tummy was uncomfortable later in the evening. My op wounds were sore as well, and I don't know why, but I took no meds for them. It was annoying, but I reflect on my own journey by reading other journeys online. Some amazing success stories, am truly inspired by their outcomes.
I hope I can achieve what my heart and mind truly set out to do. I want to be fit, healthy, and live life with a lot more positivity.

I chose this path myself, and self funded the operation. Never had private health insurance until recently and I didn't want to wait for a desk jockey to approve funding. Needed to make a decision for me, before something or someone else did. When you are overweight, sometimes you are treated as if you are less than human, like you are not valid. It seems there is more tolerance for drug and alcohol addicts than a Fat Woman!

Even though I am a little annoyed at my current situation (liquid foods & no sex ), I know where I am going, so I guess I can focus on the great times ahead. Those times when food no longer rules my life, and I can just get on with discovering the world, enjoying my time with my beautiful daughter, & my gorgeous Partner.


  1. Congratulations. I can't wait until I can join you on the other side.

  2. Congrats on your surgery and joining the banded sisterhood. There are some wonderful women out here in Blogland who are so wonderful and instpirational and have helped me so much on my journey. I was banded on 2/23/10 and have finally gotten to the full restriction we all desire so much! Be sure to take a look at my blog (in case you haven't come across it) at www.dreamsofskinnyhighheels.blogspot.com

    I posted a link to your blog for my readers to come over and visit!!

  3. Hey Ruth.. Just found you on Janelle's blog..
    Congrats on your new life..hope you get a chance to check out all of the great blogs.. as Steph has said our blog community is here to give you wonderful support.

  4. Hope you feel better soon. I'm on liquids too right now, just on the other side of band land.
    I look forward to following you and cheering for you along the way.
    Surgery Date: May 25

  5. Hello! I just found your blog. You'll feel better soon, just hang in there :)

  6. Hey Ruth. Hope you're feeling a bit better now.

    I was also self funded, cost a fortune but worth every cent.

    I was banded back mid February.

  7. Hi Ruth...came here on Stephanie's direction. I was banded on 4/26...3 weeks tomorrow. Hang in there...it get's better every day.
    The sisterhood is invaluable...use it...I'm at www.cindylewwho.blogspot.com.

  8. Hehe hey ruth just found your blog! I was banded on 4th may and it really made me laugh about the liquids and no sex! Lol I'm now 13 days post op and hubby and I are more than making up for lost time now lol! Only bad thing is um afraid of makin up forclost time with food as I really feel like I'm in bandster hell now!! Can't wait for my first fill hope you are well xx

  9. Thank you so much for commenting - It's been an amazing time, and reading fellow Bandits blogs has been such a positive support for me.
    Ruth :))))))