Thursday, May 20, 2010

Energise me

My partner returned from Sydney last night, and commented on how well I seem to be recovering. He seems so very happy for me, I really am so blessed to have such a supportive partner.
( the drought is over girls) :))))

I awoke today to an amazing sense of euphoria, and a bucketload of energy! We have a marketing meeting here at home, which is fantastic for me not having to travel into the city. I have made the guys some fruit spice muffins with butter and Jam, and I am having a bowl of oats. It's working out great! Even though the muffins look and smell great, no temptation to even try one. I just don't want any complications or feeling nausea.

Having the band at this time of the year, late Autumn, and the weather is very cool, means that oats in the morning, soups etc, necessary for your band diet, seems easier to have. I really don't think I'd have coped in the summer. It gets quite hot, and and I love fresh fruits and salads, having soups, even cold soups are just not my thing in the Summer months.

I don't have my first appt with the Surgeon/Dietician until the 8th June, which is still some time away. I am going to call their practice and ask if perhaps I was meant to go in sooner. I am guided by the Lap Band book, and it's so easy to follow, but having no contact from them in such a long amount of time seems a bit weird. If it weren't for the support here, and the array of information that Bandsters share across these Blogs, I would have found this experience very isolating.

Thank you so much Guys!!

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  1. I have 4 pages of notes that I've taken from blogs in preparation for my surgery. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found this community. Glad you found it too.