Monday, May 17, 2010


Does anyone feel strange when you leave the sanctuary/safety of home? As I prepare to return to normal routines etc, I wonder how many of us are challenged by access to the foods we need. I am sometimes ill prepared, and realise that I really should make sure that I keep a 'travel pack' with Optifast sachets, Soup sachets and perhaps long life juice packs as well. Maybe I am being paranoid, but has anyone else felt the need to be prepared?

Can I say it, dare I?
I love transitioning from liquids.

I never struggled with the liquid phase really, but leaving behind by this week's end, will be great. I still have an Optifast shake once a day, purely to boost nutrition which is vital, and think I will have one a day for some time yet.

This morning was a weet bix flooded with no fat milk, lunch was optifast shake, dinner was mushroom soup which was delicious!
I have not been drinking enough water, and will be working on increasing my intake this week. I have not craved anything, I have had no terrible reactions to anything, and everything seems to be healing well.

I visited my Sister tonight, was great to get out of my house, but after 2 hours, I was feeling tired and looking to get home. Chris is in Sydney, and even though Mum is here, I am just taking things gently getting back into everything. I am hoping to be back at work and returning to a normal life!!!! :)


  1. I think it's great you are feeling the need to be prepared. I haven't been banded yet, but definitely plan on putting together travel packs, especially at the beginning.

  2. I never thought about this before, but see that preparation will reduce temptation! I have been recovering at home, and I am lucky to have that time, but venturing out made me aware of what to eat or drink when I am away from home.

  3. Glad your recovery is going so well.
    You seem to have the right attitude as well a s a great game plan.

  4. Feels like I am winging it. If not for the accessibility of reading others banding journey's I think I would have not coped as well. Having said that, I genuinely just don't feel hungry, so there is no real struggle, just making sure the old bod gets the right nutrients, and that I heal properly. Bloggers seem so supportive of each other, I am truly thankful for the information that others so generously share!