Sunday, May 23, 2010

On the March

Today, I really noticed my appetite returning.
Even though the portion size was marginally bigger, I am finding my hunger returns quicker than say, 4 days ago.

I read my Lap Band book, and it says that the 3rd- 4th week your appetite returns, and that on the 4th week they will adjust the band. I am yet to have my first fill, and just notice that I get a little hungrier than before.

I am starting to think I might call the surgery this week, and ask if they will consider seeing me earlier than the 8th June. I am so worried that as my appetite increases, I will eat more, and eat inappropriately.

Unsure if they will agree, or if they are booked out, maybe if someone cancels their appt, I can get in on short notice.

In the meantime, do any of you who have already been banded, have any ideas to suppress the returning appetite before I have my first fill?



  1. Lots of water!! I just went through "Bandster Hell" last week and water really helped. Also, I found it helped to eat before I felt like I was really starving. This kept my blood sugar up and also helped with cravings!

  2. Sorry I can't help because I'm not banded yet, but hang in there. You should definitley call the surgeon's office to see if they can fit you in sooner. Good luck.

  3. Hi Grace, I am really slack with water intake, as previously posted. I will now fill a jug and leave it nearby, so I can see how much I have drunk in a day.

    Thanks for your support Guys :)