Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 2

Day 2. Feeling muuuuuch better, no drip, no oxygen. Had a Physio in my room at Midnight on the 10th May, as I wasn't getting enough oxygen in my blood. Pressure on my diaphram made me breathe shorter, so I was out of bed on my feet, walked around the room and asked to take in deeper breaths to get oxygen back into my blood.
Today I laid in bed and thought " What have I done to myself"?
Apparently a common reaction in banded patients, I could really feel everything today and wondered if I would always feel this intrusion into my body.


  1. That was my exact thoughts too!!

  2. I worried horribly about feeling that way, but didn't after surgery. In fact, being banded, beyond the time I was in the hospital, I pretty much can't tell i have a band, except that i get full much easier. And i can't eat fries and some breads. You've taken a super exciting step. Congratulations! (BTW, super cute nightie! I'm used to only seeing hospital gowns in these pics!)

  3. Yep, remembered to pack a nightie, which is unlike me, I usually forget when going away etc.

    The feelings of intrusion are definitely going away, except when I bend over...LOL. But I am so glad to feel this euphoria of change.