Thursday, June 10, 2010

Settling down

Greetings from a freezing cold, and very wet Melbourne, Australia.

Well, the band has given me some warnings lately, as intended.

It says slow down.
It says chew your food properly, and boy it gives you a fright when you forget to do that.
It says small, small bites.

It says all these things, and you'd think that even though with all the reading, and advice you'd still get it, then it gives you a little kick to remind you that it demands more of your attention.

No , I haven't been sick, just feel the limits very easily, and it just never ceases to amaze the heck out of me.
The sensations when you can feel tiny amounts foods passing through the band, and sitting on it and not really moving, yeah, that's always fun isn't it Guys? LOL!

I have lost another 2 kgs, (4 lbs) which brings my total weight loss around 8 kgs ( 17.6lbs?) I am feeling really good, and have only just started working out on my new elliptical trainer. I am so UNFIT!!!!!!!

My incisions have finally knitted!!!!!!! I can now give my body a light flogging with exercise!!!!

I have not taken any profile pics, when I read other Blogs that have the timeline photos, it inspires the heck out of me! They motivate me, and give cause to hope that I will be successful on this journey. I will post some embarrassing profile pics in the near future.

Hope you are all travelling well, and those that are recently banded, welcome to a wonderful new world!


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  1. Greetings from a very hot and humid Melbourne, Florida!!! Glad to hear that you are learning new things with your band. I've been banded almost 4 months now and it seems I am learning something new daily. :) Keep up the good work!