Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Slip Sliding away....

Just finished a Loooong weekend here, and well, quite frankly I f*^%ed up badly with my food choices.
I got my head in a 'woe is me' zone, you know how it goes, and well, I stuffed down a mozza of crap.

Poisons of choice:
Chocolate coated Ice cream
Bloody expensive French Gooey cheeses- with water crackers. These have always been my weakness.
Red Wine
Salt and Vinegar chips ( crisps)

No exercise either, just laid on my fat arse on the couch, with a little housework thrown in for good measure.

What the hell came over me?

I have spent my life 'fighting the beast', and I just caved, just like that.

My daughter was really pissed off at me, ( she is a food Nazi), and shot me looks of contempt at any given opportunity.
I am not repeating this weekend of sloth in a hurry, I am sure the scales will kick my arse in another few days.
I am punishing myself with furiously running around, and will punish my arse on the elliptical after dinner tonight.

I wish I could keep my shit together to make sure I get this right, I know we all slip at some time, but I was just so fricken disappointed in myself.
I made the time to read some other blogs, and this has helped me refocus, and re energised my positive thinking.
Thank you for posting Guys, no matter whether positive or negative, you all get my head back in the zone!


  1. We all have these eating periods but with the band it is so much easier to get back on track. I am sure if you had been on a "diet" you would have just given up. The band doesn't let you. I have to tell my hubby not to give me the look when I eat something he thinks I shouldn't. It is my choice and if the weight loss takes a week longer, so be it. There is a lot of headwork we have to do but don't worry. This blogging world is great comfort and support. Be well.

  2. We all screw up! I have more times then I'd like to count but I've learned from them and that is what's important. Keep working hard, you'll soon be rid of those old habits and have awesome ones that have replaced them!

  3. Happens to the best of us doll.
    Pick yourself up and dust yourself off...stop beating yourself up and start fresh tomorrow.
    This too shall pass.