Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hospital emergency

My posts stopped as I was admitted to hospital last Wednesday, after losing my balance, and ultimately being unable to walk, and enormous waves of nausea. Chris was on the way home from work when he called as he often does. He said I sounded unwell, and I was. I told him I nearly fell over outside, and had to hang onto shelving in our garage to stop from keeling over.
He raced home and took me straight to the emergency room of a private hospital nearby. He got a wheelchair as I could not walk, the world was spinning 100 miles an hour, and I kept my eyes closed to avoid throwing up.

I was admitted that night, with suspicion of having a stroke, so the Doctors did a CT scan, and thank God I was not having a stroke.
They gave me fluids, and a few needles, and I stayed in hospital until the next day.

I have never felt so sick in my life. The diagnosis was that I had Labyrinthitis, or possibly Menieres disease, the Doctor was not able to give a conclusive diagnosis. So I have to wait and see if I have another attack before they proceed with any further tests.

A bit of a setback, but I'll just deal with this and move forward with the weight loss. My health is so important to me, so I hope this was just a random event.

I have lost 10.5 kgs (22 pounds?) since 10th May, which is not bad considering the setbacks, so I am still so very happy with that figure.

I have a dilemma in that I have another appointment due this Wed at Paul O'Briens rooms, and possibly a fill. I know it would be great to have another fill, but I fly 4 hours north to tropical Port Douglas this Saturday for a holiday with Chris, Paige and my Mum. The band was uncomfortable after flying a few days after the first fill, so I will discuss the best options with the clinic. I am torn between having a fill and moving back into restriction, or waiting until I return from my holiday 2 weeks from Saturday.
Decisions, decisions.......I don't know what the best way to tackle this is, if anyone has been in this situation and can offer advice, I would sure appreciate it.


  1. I've flown with my band before and I didn't have any problems so I'm not much help there! My mother in law has Menieres Disease and she takes a pill if she starts feeling really dizzy or anything like that. I hope you're able to figure out what's going on!

  2. Hi D&M,

    I have flown too, but so soon after a fill seems to present a very tight feeling. I want to have a fill 'cause I am eating too much again. Thanks for the advice :)

  3. You know your body best and if you feel that you might be too tight after a fill and flying, then I thing that you should wait until afterwards. We will have this tool for life and there is no sense being miserable for two weeks. Enjoy your vacation and enjoy eating food with your family. I have been too tight (too many time to count) and it is NO FUN! Take care!

  4. I would wait for a fill until after the vacay...just do a little more healing/recovery! Take care!

  5. I had Labyrinthitis about 10 years ago. I seriously thought I was dying or having a stroke. I hope you feel better. Take it easy.

  6. Please take care of yourself.
    I too would wait until after your vacation to get the fill.
    Good luck with whatever you decide.

  7. I hope you find out what happened and the doctors can help you with it.

    As for the fill; I would probably wait until after your holiday, you don't want to be too tight and away from your doc.

  8. I am going to have the fill after the vacation, thanks for your help Bandsters.

    Have been feeling a little giddy, and just needed to relax and be at peace with myself and recover. What a pain in the toosh this inner ear thing has been. I waited 7 years to have Lapband, and have battled a few things now, rather than focus on weight loss. Annoying as hell!

    So it's slower than I'd like, but hey, I am still grateful for 10kgs I've lost so far.