Friday, July 16, 2010

Winter of content

I am home from our beautiful warm holiday in Australia's Far North Queensland.
Loved the respite from the 3 degree Cold Melbourne mornings, and as predicted, with not much restriction, I ate!

Many thanks to the beautiful Bandits here that advised me to wait till after the holiday for a fill, I managed only one blockage due to my pathetic attempt at a Tandoori chicken salad....one bite and I was headed for the ladies to unblock the damage. Chicken breast is soooo out for me.

Well, I ate all the wrong things, chocolate, potato chips, alcohol, oh my, but I ate minimally the bad things and ate lots of fresh foods. The result of no action was a half a kilo weight gain....I couldn't believe it! I really thought I would have put on at least 3-4 kilos. I am happy that I am not really beginning again to remove too much weight.

Because of the Labyrinthitis ( still hoping not Menieres), I couldn't Scuba dive, Jet Ski, or do things other than swim a little and walk. Which was a little annoying, but made sure my Partner and daughter went off and had a ball doing lots of these activities. I generally bludged, read books, had Nanna naps, and sunbaked, boring but restful. I was in Seafood heaven though, we ate out most nights, and the foods were fresh and plentiful.

We returned on Sunday, and I had my first appt with the surgery's nutritionist, for a consultation and a fill. She seemed nice, not much discussed that I didn't already know, and asked her to use a bigger needle for the fill, as the last one saw my Surgeon not finding the port easily, and had to get a bigger needle. So I just thought to save being 'pricked' twice, I'd ask her to just use the longer needle. She added 0.5ml to the band, and yesterday and today I was on fluids, although I had a thick soup for dinner tonight, and it went down fine.

I feel confident to use the elliptical in a week or so's time, now that the effect of the Labyrinthitis is wearing off, so I should notice the weight loss gain some real momentum. There has been some challenges on this journey, but I know this is just part of life to throw a little extra at me, but I'll take it on the chin and just keep rolling on toward a healthier me :-))))))))))

Now back to reading your blogs.............

Thanks Guys!


  1. Sounds like a lovely trip and not at all bad on a weight gain. Good luck with the fill! Hope it hits the spot!

  2. Happy you are back and had a great time away...