Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oh Crap! PB

Yesterday, when I visited my surgeon for an inspection of one of the incisions giving me grief, he decided to give me my first fill ( sounds weird, LOL, but Bandsters understand).

Well, even after telling me to take it easy, I managed to experience my first PB. ( Productive Burp) but it was the self inflicted type of PB

Aside from the fact that I felt peckish, it was 11pm and everyone was in bed, I wound my way to the fridge, heated up one tiny Falafel, drowned in Eggplant dip, and, even though I chewed it slow, took a break, the dryness of it made it lodge quite firmly way before the band.

All I could think was Oh Shit, you've done it now Girl!

Not only was it stuck, not only was no one around, I could not breathe properly. I had 3 seconds to panic, then 10 seconds to calmly walk to the downstairs bathroom, look in the mirror, see the fear in my eyes and throw my finger down my throat. It took around several goes to clear the blockage.

With everything I was told, and reading about others experiences with this, I STILL managed to do it.

So, if you are reading this, and you're still yet to be banded, or awaiting a first fill, take heart, keep calm,  use common sense and don't panic. I don't know if this was the right thing to do, but it was all I could do.
I am going to have to slow down, and now avoid dry types of foods.....

Damn, I was so looking forward to that Falafel!

Ciao for now,



  1. Dry foods get me every time! I will admit to drinking a few gulps of water to hurry the PB situation along. Never stuck my fingers down my throat though -- I just can't do it!

    Does your dr have you do liquids the day of your fill? I usually do that and then mushies the next day. Helps things settle before I try throwing food down there.

  2. I just bought a big pack of falafel yesterday! Might have to throw them away!

  3. I know how scary it is the first time.....keeping calm is all you can do....

  4. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy that falafel once your fill has settled down a bit.

    I guess it is better to stick to the mushies for a least a day after a fill. I did, but I really wanted something more solid at the time.

    I think you have just reforced my our resolve to stick to the soft stuff after the fills.

    Hope it was a one off thing and you don't have any further problems.

  5. OMG I got stuck really bad for the 1st time on Falafel. I think it's been my worst ever so far!

  6. My Doc says try it and see how you go, but be gentle with foods. BUT...... I was tired, peckish and not thinking straight. The enemy of the bandit!!!!!

    I knew when I swallowed I was in deep do do!

    Water would not budge it either Maria, I tried that, and the water could not pass the falafel ( lol as I write this, it does have a comedic edge to it). The Falafel acted like a Dam!!!!!!

    I was unable to swallow the water or falafel, and it was fingers down throat time.
    I felt like I was asphyxiating, and I was alone .

    One of those moments where it was better out than in :)

  7. When I am tired and not thinking, thats when I have issues! We have to be "on" 24/7! Part of the journey...

  8. Wow...that's what I have to look forward to huh???
    Just had my first fill today and am still a PB virgin.
    So glad you survived.